rfz Captain Murph has consistently demonstrated his skillfulness in boat handling, navigation and a consistent attention to the details required for safe sailing.
The Reverend Robert F. Zimmerman, Pastor, frequent Sailor
vs As a small boat sailing instructor I was very familiar with the mechanics of sailing. However spending time with Captain Murph on the Kelly IV made me a better keel boat sailor. There is no substitute for the hands on experience and the knowledge passed on by Captain Murph.
Val Schwarzmueller, Sailing Instructor, Merchant Mariner retired
nino sailing  niagara I had never been sailing before . . . Captain Murph made me want to sail . . . When you sail, it is peaceful and quiet and totally enjoyable.  We generally stop at different ports and do a little exploring and spend the night on the boat. There is NO sleep as good as when I sleep on a boat. The gentle rocking lulls you to sleep and all is good with the world.  It is such a unique, exciting experience. It is truly fun, relaxing and the best way to get around on the water.
Nino Forlini, Executive Chef
kip at the helm isles of shoals Having never met you before ... I was naturally very unsure of just what to expect.  You were not shy about giving me instruction and tasks to perform, and doing so in a way that allowed me to learn and progress quickly. Your thorough knowledge of the boat and it's operations proved to be the learning environment that I was looking for.  
Kip Martin, Traveler

Captain Murph is meticulous about boat preparation, safety and provisioning. He is a skilled yachtsman, always alert, prudent, and cautious. I have sailed Lake Erie with Captain Murph in conditions ranging from dead calm to gale-force winds and can testify first hand to his competent boat-handling skills.
John C. Van Arsdale III, Customer Service Representative, Life-long Sailor

vance neal photo

Capt. Murph is a good friend whom I have known well for more than  5 years.  Allen has a great, outgoing personality, and is a very knowledgeable seaman.  I would highly recommend him for skippering any charters
Vance Neal, ChFC, Investment Advisor, Island Packet Owner

kris at the helm Sailing with Captain Murph was such a terrific experience!  He was eager to "show me the ropes" and let me be a real crew member as I became able.  Couldn't have asked for anything more!  
Reverend Kristian Bjornstad, Pastor, Photographer, Sailor
Carl Truss We exchanged simple glances and nods, turned our faces into the winds, and gazed across the open waters. . . .  "This is why we Sail!"
Carl Truss, Professional TV and Video Cameraman and Photographer

Captain Murph is not only a skilled sailor but a very competent and prudent mariner.  Captain Murph is a safe, prudent, and able captain and I would gladly work or sail with him at any point in the future.
Keith Otto, Manager of Inventory, Sysco Pittsburgh, LLC

paula browne by ollie_sm

This was my first experience sailing and  it will not be my last.  His  many years of  experience  and  his knowledge of  handling various sailboats made me feel very safe and secure while on board. 
Paula C. Browne, Registered Nurse

mark johnson vs . . . with some training and knowledge, the winds can take you anywhere in the world.  Gear up for success and invest in yourself.  Remember “The Wind is Free” and Captain Murph can help you go confidently in the direction of your dreams.
Mark Johnson, Technical Sergeant, Retired Air Force
ollie browne vs Captain Murph's . . . teaching style suited me perfectly. He explained the various tasks to me and then supervised me as I carried them out so I could “learn by doing”.  I had great fun exploring the islands . . . in a way that was both fun and educational.
Oliver Browne, Software Engineer for Nuclear Power Plants

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